Girls to the padel courts: Padel training for women


Girls to the Padel Court:

Padel training for women


Yes, Padel is trending sport throughout Europe.  While we are thrilled to be part of the emerging padel fandom, we  observe the what and the how of things happening around every club, association and tournament we have the pleasure of visiting.  Male is majority.  Our “educated guess” observed and watched through our journeys in Sweden, Germany, Middle East and Spain remains steady.  Out of every 10 players, 7 are men, while 3 are women.

When compared to statistics our guess is not so wild.  Sporting habits in Spain Survey delivered on 2016 does reflect that trend at a milder rate.  While 59.8% of all sports practicing population were men, 47,5% were women.  Yes distributed in a broad range of sports, among which we are delighted to see Padel is rising in the popularity sports ladder. Out of the total percentage of  Spanish population practicing sports in 2015 11% of that belonged to padel, according to the mentioned survey. When looking into the ratio of men and women taking part in the sport the difference is even higher. It seems we have some work to do at Padel Trainer, and we are all up to it.

Padel the sport we love. Social? indeed, physical (athletic) would best describe what we do, and yes mind blowing, in the therapeutic sense you could even say.  Women´s bodies are more flexible than men´s, thus allowing to reach that spot of the court so much faster pace than men, making it increadibly easy to pair up.  The girls we have the pleasure to train with tend to believe strength and endurance is their Achilles heel.  I am afraid to say it is not.  Strength and endurance is an area that needs to be tackled for every player, regardless of being male or female.  It is persistence and very specific and targeted physical training what builds endurance.

Think of it as developing horse power in your body.  The more targeted and specific areas of technical, body and mental aspects of the game are mastered, the higher your acceleration and performance will be in the court and beyond.  We, at Padel Trainer have understood that it is not a separate thing that builds mastery, it is a joint set of skills that come together at unison that make a round balanced player.  And that is what we deliver in our live and on-line sessions.

Sorry to say this guys, but girls do tend to have a natural vision of the game and its´tactical intelligence.  Intuition related maybe?  It just seems to come naturally once the basics are mastered and there is consistency to the game.  Padel offers this very unique combination between your brain: -being challenged to its limits- and your body:-that has to move very fast and precisely. This constant dynamic, as an ever charging battery is the challenge to every player, both amateur and professional. Alertness, visuo-spatial capacities, concentration, and social intelligence are part of the treats of the game.

We have had the pleasure of having Sweden´s top notch professional Billie Gadjic, who kindly set aside a nugget of her training time with our media staff to chat with us about her experience at our basecamp in Marbella.


Padel has become second nature to Billie. Her outstanding determination, discipline and consistency are sure something we can all learn from.  While being a killer inside the court, outside of it she greets  us with a warm smile, willing and ready.  That very big smile when we we covered the girl´s issue let us knew instantly that   indeed is something that she cares about.

Let it be you, Billie G the row model for young girls and women all over. We hope to join other fantastic players on this endeavor.  All Padel sportswomen included and invited.  In the mean time we, at Padel Trainer will remain faithful to our promise of delivering our committed tailored made training for professionals such as Billie.  At our basecamp, we hope not only to deliver the knowledge of this wonderful sport, but also to produce more information that will help us understand better the means and ways to make this sport accessible to everyone, everywhere.  From our court to yours,

Padel Trainer