Advanced Management

Padel Program

A revolutionary system that will provide you with the right tools to maximize all revenue lines inside your business.

Learn the key steps for turning your club into a sustainable model, reaching its maximum performace through its lifespan.



Padel Management Institute

Although no one can doubt that padel is a booming business, many large and small investors are paying a very high toll due to decision-making based on parameters that did not align with reality, forcing them to step out of the industry.

Making the right decisions in the construction and development of a club, as well as understanding consumer behaviour, are key factors for the sustainability of the business. A team of industry-specific professionals is crucial for medium/long-term success.

Unfortunately, not having this team incurs into extra investments that are not within the reach for everyone. The knowledge and attitude of a single professional are sufficient to make a club profitable.

On the contrary, even 10 people would not be able to turn a padel club into a profitable business model. It all depends on taking the right decisions, knowledge, and passion for what one does.

Through this advanced management program, individuals will have the knowledge and ability to control all areas of the business themselves, to then create, with time, a descending organisation to each department.

As a professional in the sector, are you capable of controlling all areas and offering your clients what they seek through padel?

Could you deliver the perfect lesson?

Do you know which is your ideal customer? And how many profiles of customers exist?

Could you create 20 different types of events and activities?

Could you forecast when a product will stop being attractive and could you replace it with the next trendy one?

Could you control the cash flows efficiently?

Could you build a brand recognisable, self-sufficient, resizable club, reducing its operational costs and therefore minimizing the risk? Could you make it carbon neutral and get access to government grants or land concessions?
Could you retain a customer creating a tailored made 3-year academy plan?

We are here to help you.