Padel goodies: Gift ideas for padel players by Padel Trainer

It´s the most wonderful time of the year!

While we begin to deck the halls and dash through the snow lets have a look into what matters most for padel players everywhere.  Those little goodies that we would like our others, from grandma to our very significant other would like to gift us with to celebrate the season. Now as we write this post we believe we have already the two most important pieces of equipment: your body and your racquet ( hmm a Mack of course…).  We don´t have elfs on the shelves to make sure you are on the right side of Santa´s list, but regardless you´ve been naughty or nice here is our pick of those everyday padel items padel(ers) can´t live without:

Padel footwear: 

A crucial element in the practice of this sport.  There are hundreds of brands manufacturing shoes, nonetheless, it is important you look into what matters beyond color or style:

The sole.  This is, without doubt, the most relevant factor when choosing a new pair of padel shoes.  There are different designs for the soles and materials.  The stronger the grip of the shoe the better. remember you need to reach and stand in just one single spot on the court without slipping.

Seams.  It is important to look into the kind of seam your shoe has, especially the ones that fall on the insole.  Sometimes seams are the weak spot of the shoe, so watch out for strong ones, especially in the joints given the high impact strain this will have.

Impact absorption. Padel is a high impact sport against the floor. This makes it harsh practice for the knee and the ankle.  Therefore it is important that your shoe is built up with an impact absorption sole.


They seem to be of little or no relevance at all, but reality makes a case for them. They are especially relevant protecting wounds and injuries.  Sports socks who adapt very precisely to your feet to avoid scratches.  Mainstream brands do manufacture specific socks for the sport, which are your best option to avoid risks.


Shorts while the weather allows to, or long-legged comfortable sweats are no-brainers.  Brands have thousands of looks to suit all tastes, the key here is to make sure pockets are handy and big enough to store a ball or two. The upper body could use t-shirts, polo on whatever technical sweat absorption material brands offers.  It is important is to remain comfortable, loose and just worry about the game.  Temperature wise: thermal sensation is individual, and what one feels is not likely what your court mate feels.  So follow your own thermostat.

If you are the chilly type a good idea would be to wear layers.  A thermal shirt that keeps your core warm but evacuates sweat at the same time, adding a second long sleeved layer plus the last one with a sweat or jacket in case you really need it, after all…it´s cold outside.


Padel Accesories

There are thousands to ask Santa for:

Balls.  Different colors, price tags, and brands.  What you need to know is what are they going to be used for.  If you want them for your best game, normally any ball would do, but if they are for lessons watch out for durability.  The harder the ball the best they will last the hours that you spend on practice, they will hold pressure longer and hold that suede feeling for a longer period of time.

Padel Bags. If you want to transport with you everything you need for the game (racquets, water, towel, wristband, change of clothes, you will need one of this.  Designs, sizes, and types.  Keep in mind your needs. If you are shower after the game in your club, keep it big, those little extras. In our experience, the best bet is the bag who allows distributing weight evenly on your back.  Wise advise.


Added accessories:  

  • Protectors
  • Caps
  • Wristbands
  • Grips and overgrips
  • Eye protection
  • Handwarmers
  • Cool or hot beverage thermos

Make sure you share this post with Santa. While we continue dressing Mack and Padel Trainer for our gamechangers this season, stay tuned for more padel and coming events in 2018.  We are so excited preparing what´s coming.  Warmest regards,

The Padel Trainer Team