Padel tips: christmas special for gamechangers

1.Padel is a sport, and as such you should think not only on the time you devote to matches and training, but also warm up and stretching time before and after the big rounds.  Simply save 15 minutes before and after the session. Adding this time to your routine will avoid medium-term injuries.

2.  Before beginning, any game or training session stroke warm-up is necessary. Starting with lower intensity to higher, from least difficulty to a higher one so your confidence is build up in each hit.  This simple exercise will avoid loosing at the beginning of your games.

3.  Before beginning your game make sure you have set aside time with your partner to go through a tactic plan. Regardless of how simple or complex it might be, the idea here is that you are on the same page, tuned in and knowing that you can trust in each other because you have a backup plan to develop throughout the match.

4.  In the same spirit, have some time at the end of the game to analyze your weak points.  Instead of covering the Achiles heel with good strokes or with the reprise of your partner, analyze to work the slack in training sessions.  Many players are deaf and blind to their own weaknesses, notoriously limiting their improvement capabilities.

5.  Once you detect an error that you want to correct, whether technical, tactical or physical, apply the 20 x 20 x 20 rule.  Twenty series of twenty repetitions for twenty days.  Your brain will be able to mechanically fixate the change you are trying to correct, imprinting the right neural responses needed to avoid mistakes to occur again.

6.  Analyze players of the professional padel circuits and try to identify with one of them. Choose the one who your feel develops the game in the same light as you.  Build an archetype, observe closely, scrutinize the movement and the flow of his or her game. In this way, you will have someone who resembles your style as well as someone to look up to.  Watch closely how the player responds in your difficult areas of the game.  This will allow you to identify game patterns that suit your style.

7.  We know during Christmas time is hard to find out time to get into the court to play.  If this is the case, we suggest you spend some time exercising repetitions in front of a mirror.  As weird as it may seem, visualizing every move will help you identify mishaps in your positions.  Correcting every time you notice a fault without pressure is a good opportunity to awake your full conscience to follow the right moves.

8.  Like any other racquet sport, padel creates decompensation in your body. Save some time of the week to work the opposite side of your body.  If you are left-handed, for instance, your left shoulder and arm work so differently than your right.  To make sure we are avoiding back or neck injuries from appearing and we will be maintaining overall body balance.  Dare to volley 10 minutes a week with your non-dominant arm. Good Luck!

9.  Did you know 9 out of 10 lobs that professional players smash are returned with a bandeja?  Try to control your impulses each time you see a chance to finish the point until you clearly see a situation where there is 90% possibility to finish the point.

10.  Have difficulties to find three more players to spend padel time with¿ Don´t worry, train with your partner using only half of the court, across or in parallel.  This way you will have more precision in in your strokes, played in a much more controlled way, while you understand better how to be responsible for open angles in court.

Check our dedicated post covering padel warm up here. Maintaining optimum hydration is important too. In case you have missed that post we wrote a few months ago you can find out how much is enough hydration on this link.