Padel tactics: How close should players play from the net?


In multiple occasions, when defending players manage to move their rivals towards the back of the court, they tend to get closer to the net in order to gain a better attacking position and control over the court. The key question is at what distance should we place ourselves from the net when attacking?

If we are too close to the net, the rivals will have an easy opportunity to send us to the back of the court straight away with a high ball (lob)

However, if we are too far from the net, we give them the space right in front of us, which can become a very uncomfortable area to attack from.

What´s the key? Place yourself at a distance that can allow you to reach the low balls with one step forwards and with two steps be able to adopt a good position to return high balls to then recovering to the net position.

As a norm we should consider being around 4 meters away from the net. This position will the vary depending on the quality of your volleys and the capacity of your opponents to play lobs.

At Padel Trainer, we work hard on understanding the importance of not rushing when planning about winning the point through our different exercises. Once we lose the stress of winning the point, we will become much more effective with our net game.

Therefore, next time you run towards the net, control your urge to winning the ball, and adopt a position to control the net. You will improve your level significantly!

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