Time for high-tech padel training

Technology and data analysis seem to combine seamlessly in the sporting arena.  While big league sports like football, golf, rugby and basketball are all in into wearables, the case for less populated sports worldwide is still to be tackled.  Slowly, more and more gadgets developed for sports fan evolve to serve a wider range of sports than the ones they were initially intended to. Well delivered padel training does require much more than wearable technology and fancy gadgets to be pulled through consistently. But let´s just say the information gadgets provide could design a much more focused training.  Not at the reach of every pocket though, or necessary for every level player.

Not at the reach of every pocket though, or necessary for every level player, we have sought into the web to bring our #gamechangers community useful equipment, carefully designed for committed athletes.  Not exactly padel tech, but tech enough to help us upgrade our game and liven up every sport performance we get ourselves into. We know our gamechangers are up to a lot of adventuring beyond the court, so we added something for your go-pro outings as well.

Fitbits and iwatches have synced us to digital health mode, and are great tools to keep check on up our daily balances.  Somehow these do not seem to fit exactly into the padel player profile.  Padel athletes are not tennis players, for whom some gadgets have been made, but we swing, rotate, drill, and so many more things.  Some of these are just out to the market, some of them have been around for some time.  Nonetheless, this selection of gadgets is, to say the least awesome.

Some of the pieces of our selection are just out into the market, some of have been around for some time.  Nonetheless, this selection of gadgets is intended to select good tech company for padel players. Tech savvy sports training is mouthwatering.  Let´s enjoy the tour.  Ready, let´s go, techy #gamechangers!

The gadgets

Sennheiser sport earphone selection. Sweat and rain might leak into your regular headphones, or maybe they fall out once you commence serious training.  If music keeps you going “in the zone” these might be a good sollution to look into.  Designed with sport performance on mind and on the field these claim to remain with us at all performance levels.  Neat in design, great functionality, safety and excellent sound quality. Not the only ones out there (check out the Bose version if interested in these type of earbuds) but the best sound quality of the market according to JimsReviewRoom, youtube master of consumer electronics.

The ultimate sport sound experience? Match your GoPro captures with the only add-on microphone for every outdoor adventure. Warm up with your earphones before recording your greatest padel matches, sound included. Don´t bother the video does not cover padel as extreme outdoors. We might show them how it compares. Meanwhile have a look:

Bionic glove by Bionic:  With grips specially designed for golfing, military use, fitness and tennis, these bionic gloves claim to reduce hand fatigue, absorb moisture and evaporate perspiration to develop the best possible grip and keep every racquet secure.  Designed for men and women, by orthopedic specialists, the fitness version seems to perform with cross training, free weights training, kettle bells and spinning. Their strategically-placed anatomical relief pads help prevent calluses and blisters.

Zepp swing analyzer: A simple sensor attached to your racquet provides an array of information.  The sensor combined with very precise video capturing technology that film every swing made during practice or match performance allows the player to gain instant insights.  Compare against other players performance, track practice or produce match statistics is made possible in split seconds.  Real time info on players performance while adds on effects to create amazing highlights. Developed for all sports where a swing is involved (softball, baseball, golf, softball and soccer, the power of this little thing in padel is still to be tested)

Keen Brace.This is not your everyday tracker.  Developed with fitness trainers this wearable little thing features muscle mapping technology, which translates to the impressive fact that we can see exactly how muscles respond to and recover from different workouts. No matter what your activity level is, you can see where your progress is going, and be sure you are working toward your goals. From cardio to strength training, we got you covered. Now you can enhance yourself from cardio to muscles with one product, compare your muscle performance among the days of your trainings and see your achievements.

Now you can enhance yourself from cardio to muscles with one product, compare your muscle performance among the days of your preference, and, you guys are going to love this one, you can see real time muscle performance: stride, speed, cadence, repetition, muscle activation, stability and more when you are doing exercise, which when taken into the court is sheer delight.  A downloadable app connects with the device via Bluetooth to see what we believe is most of the time invisible.

Pascal Box: A conveniently sized pressure charger that will keep balls under the right pressure game after game.  Designed for padel and tennis balls.  You will discard balls because you want to, not because they are old or have lost their pressure.  After every game this airtight container will bring back every ball to it´s reglementary pressure.

iSetWatch: Designed for tennis players in mind this colorful smart watch is the first of its kind that counts, analyzes and shares a live game in real time. It communicates via Bluetooth up to a 40 m radius with a smartphone or another iSetWatch allowing live score sharing over the internet.  Coach, family and friends can follow your match in real time.  Dedicates applications for IOS and Android record your match scores helping you to analyze and improve performance. So no one can miss any of your games.

Round´s up padel people. Have any addition to our list? Anything you have tried on yourselves? We crave to know what else is already out there for padel good use…catch you up next week 😉