3 lessons learned at the Second Mack Padel Open (or the yellow tide)

Becoming a brand of one´s own means having one foot on the ground while the other jumps into dream land to reach out to the stars.  Our hearts remain in the center, beating with every ball we aim for on and off the court.  Passion for a sport we love is what drives our everyday efforts.

Mack embodies everything Padel Trainer stands for.  Precision and passion. A hard to achieve balance that makes visible all our learning experiences.  That is the message we wanted to deliver while convening this second edition of the Second Mack Padel Open.  Our expectations have been surpassed. Such a major response from our active padel community makes our smiles grow bigger than ever. We are growing, professionally, personally, as a brand and as a community.  Our mid-term review starts to look good.  Here are the three elements that we add to the positive side of the equation.

  • 1. The wide category range offered for competition translates to major competitors taking part in the tournament.  Being able to convene a 1st category prize in a local tournament is an achievement to our brand.
  • 2.  We have increased by 45% the number of participants from last year.  We could not be happier to see      how Mack and Padel Trainer step by step into a group of committed friends into a strong community of #gamechangers
  • 3.  Our padel portfolio is growing stronger than ever.  Our increased media follow and engagement (yes we can now use that word) gives us every breath of air when we need it.  Thank you all, near and far for joining in, in person or in your follow, likes and comments through out our FB and Instagram profiles.  It is you who make this sport and effort our living dream come true.

Next year we will deliver more, we promise.  Not only better but with greater goodies. Good things for Padel Trainer are on the way.  We couldn´t finish this lines without thanking hard and loud our partner Real Club de Padel Marbella:  Aaron, Jessica and all our friends and colleagues who make this venture possible.

Our congraulations to the winners Momo Gonzalez and José Carlos Gaspar, to all category winners and contestants joining in.  You all have become #gamechangers.

The summary in this master video, for you to enjoy.  Let´s keep this spirit up!