Padel club management: engaging padel for ROI streams

Padel is rising sensation throughout Europe. Not quite squash, somehow close to tennis, padel combines the best elements of racket sports adding its own twist through its social closeness. A soft learning curve allows the sport to reach a wide scope of the population regardless of weather conditions. From frosty Sweden to sunny Mediterranean, this is a sport called to be part of everyday living, forging a lifestyle on the way.

A sport which fosters teamwork, hand-eye coordination, as well as it facilitates socialization offers us the broadest age span for sport fans to thrive.

Facts are clear: Europe´s padel courts grow at an annual 10% according to data compiled by PadelGuide and World Padel Press. Our own data supports gross statistics: an average 12% growth between 2015 and 2016 in club openings leaded by France and Portugal. Set aside, the richest growth of padel leads us to Italy and Sweden where growth rates rise to 278% and 244% respectively in courts expansion throughout the country.

Padel Trainer is not only committed to providing the best padel experience through our online and off-line products and services but also to broker positive alliances between entrepreneurs and brands reach to create value to our already existent and growing padel audience.

A rising sport with the right tools becomes a  lead creation stream.

Knowing the what and the how of the padel business allow PadelTrainer to provide sound advice both to investors and operators across Europe and worldwide. Wise business plans drafted from experience in club operation and management will make sure your investment brings about real ROI. Some padel club operations fail because of the lack of real life tools that make a business float easily over their break even line. Making good use of gained experience, and lessons learned in benefit of starting businesses is what our marketing initiatives are all about.

What makes a club rise of the red numbers:

Building up the knowledge of the market, coming up with the right marketing mix between classes, tournaments, business incentive packages, padel wisdom, marketing and communication efforts ,drawing a committed lifestyle close to the users, rather than a single pack of classes are but a few of the lines we are able to support new clubs to decipher.

Engineering the best padel experience is about teaching the sport, using the best equipment and fostering a fan base in your community. As experts, we believe that in order to secure the sustainability of hard investments, a unique design, tailored made to each location reality is what will make the business grow or drown. PadelTrainer´s  club management assessment does bridge the gap, providing the tools and knowledge to bring about a #gamechanger opportunity to communities throughout Europe and LatAm.
Sports investors: here´s your chance to draw your new benchmark.The knowledge and the experience, joined together in one place: PadelTrainer.

Not every passion can become a sustainable investment. That´s what we are able to do with the sport we know better than anyone.

Padel is an investors ace today, for which we are able to harness the right tools and know-how in order to make this sport be a sustainable source of investment return.  Who could ever resist? Investors and marketers: here´s your chance to grow a lead stream.  From our court to yours,

The PadelTrainer team