4video challenge: The first step of a #gamechanger


It´s here. The day in which we release our video tutorials. June 1st 2017.  Indeed it is a bright occasion to celebrate for us at basecamp in Marbella.  See, here´s our thing with the tutorials.  We thought we should do them better than our first edition still aired in our youtube channel.

We were more or less happy with the end result, but we felt we should do better than that.  So we have been busy last few months, planning, organizing, recording, editing and producing what is the most comprehensive padel tutorial set.

Based on our training philosophy we have recorded ours tested and proofed approach for both professional and amateur padel trainees: technique, fitness, tactics, and drills comprise the practice of a rounded and balanced padel player, at all training levels from beginners to professionals.

It´s not just one thing that builds endurance, strength and boosts performance.  Everything that makes up the game doesn’t´t fit in a shoebox, so we figured why not break all that we want to share with you in season´s deliveries just like our favorite Netflix series.  Ok, we know it´s padel, not game of thrones (although for Dani its just the same: what if Dani trains Arya Stark? maybe she could build great offense against the white walkers)

So you, padel people.  Here´s the thing: just watching videos is not enough.  So if you take the time to watch ours, we can have two minutes to watch you.  That´s right. Just like that.  Totally free video analysis of just one of your shots. Get your mobile and shoot your nice angle not bigger than 100mb, load it into wetransfer and mail it to contact@padeltrainer.com, we will get back to you with your personalized tip from our resident trainers. Simple yet awesome.  Just the way we understand padel is and should be.

4 free videos for you to watch as many times as you want, followed by season one of our basic training series. This is where your #gamechanging challenge begins.

How to watch the free videos

We have embedded them here. As simple as that:

How to watch the season

Watch here the first part of this season training