Uppsala Padel Weekend: site for padel divinity

History becomes alive once again in Uppsala.  Centuries ago, Uppsala hosted the greatest temple of Scandinavia devoted to deities such as Thor, Odin, and Freyr.  Decorated with golden chains and wells, history recalls how every 9 years the festivities in honor of the gods would call crowds from everywhere near and far.  It seems tradition remains strong in Uppsala, for this weekend we join the world´s best padel players in Uppsala Padel Weekend.


Our very own Daniel Dios will be joining both exhibition and competition joining in the very select group of professional players who are showing up this weekend in Sweden.  Join in to celebrate the sport we love, following live streaming of the event in the link provided by the organization here.

Follow our Facebook and Instagram profiles feed to know more about this event.  Tradition remains. We travel from near and far to honor sportsmanship, look up to our rising community of padlers around the world and let every corner of the world know how great and wonderful the sport of padel is.  That said, Padel Trainer is delighted to be part of the game.  On our way Uppsala 🙂