Competition Ready?: Mack professionals prepare for those big days

High-level training means we, as coaches and trainers have to remain in the front line of competition.  While clinics at basecamp and abroad keep us busy, the craving echoes stronger and stronger each day.  Until we can just ignore it no more.  Competition is, after all, the essence of sportsmanship.  Mack, our signature brand is proud to present the comeback of  Gabo Loredo as Professional Player partnered with Manolo Jaen director of PadelUnited Academy.

The venue: Halmstad, Sweden hosts de Vilshärads Padel Master 2017, a tournament surrounded by sea, golf and good Swedish company to enjoy padel with.  Stunning landscapes, starry nights dreamlikelike nature is what we are looking forward to experience in Halmstad.  We are sure Halmstad will provide #gamechangers with so much more than great competition.  Along the weekend, stay on the lookout on our social media profile for sights and locations where it will be possible to keep focus and continue with our daily training routine.  It all adds up to the padel experience we want to share with our people.

Anticipating what will come next during the tournament gives us a boost, while we keep our feet on the ground preparing for frontline competition.  We draw up the groundwork of our professional players who are preparing for the event hoping you find hints and tips to add to your personal list.  Advise from the experts to your inbox, no matter where you are.

Preparing for competition as a pair


Training 2 hours daily

Physical 3 days a week

Tactical 2 days a week



Training 2 hours daily

Physical 3 days a week

Tactical 3 days a week

What´s the mental focus for a tournament?

Manolo:  -Living the present, being totally centered in each ball, without any attention to the balls we have failed before, neither for the game´s outcome…just enjoying each moment.

Gabo: – Mindwork for each competition is based on giving everything you´ve got and being open to aadjusting to different situations, obstacles and conditions.  I am a naturally positive person, and enjoy the match by match competition process. I go over this minutes after waking up to face the day in total confidence and optimism.

Which elements determine the strategies and tactics you will use in a game?

Manolo:  – For me it is very important to have a clear pattern of the game.  This makes me take good decisions with the ball, so I can add small variations during the game depending on how it is being developed.

Gabo:  – Weather conditions, indoor or outdoor courts, game styles and personalities of the oponents, game plan and structure of the game are a must to be assesed to face each game.

What makes you a good pair for competition?

For one we understand tactics on the same basis, while we have proven a number of times before we are tuned into a like energy frequency allowing us to stay tuned in front of difficulties.  We are grounded people who love to compete…in fact we need it, and we enjoy making the best out of it, fighting and facing each challenge with determination and courage.  Our game styles are very much alike and we understand each other very well inside and outside the court.

How do you bring 100% to each game during a tournament?

It is difficult to always be at your 100%in all your games, but the aim is to have some quiet time for yourself to focus and really concentrate on each game.  Obviously, a good physical preparation is key for a positive performance.  Nonetheless mental and emotional aspects play a big role in a game, particularly when the match is tight and complicated.

Insight, purpose, and skill combined make this pair true #gamechangers. Attitude is at the end what will make a difference, no matter what the end result will be.  Smile, enjoy and play, one point at a time.