La Habana de Hemingway: welcome to our court

La Habana de Hemingway: Welcome to our Court

Finding common ground.

What could link PadelTrainer to the writings of the 1954 literature NobelPrize winner?

It is unlikely we would have seen Ernest Hemingway playing Padel.  A serious injury during 1stWW prevented the writter to deal with serious action sports.  Nonetheless; he was a man´s, man.  Hemingway not only hunted in grand style, deep-sea fished, married 4 times like a Hollywood celebrity and found time to write stories and novels that feature men and women facing life and death with grit, gumption and grand tenacity.  A total #gamechanger.

Integrity is what could define the characters he created.  Vulnerable, but not defined by vulnerability.  Defiant of what could be expected of them: eat with gusto, devour adventure and wear what they feel in their eyes.  Simple, blunt, direct.

So close to our training philosophy.  Far away from the courts, while remaining close to the adventure of becoming a true professional padel player.  All wrapped up in the ambiance of the Old Habana, recreated in spirit by our newest sponsoring partner La Habana de Hemingway.

This partnership entices our adventurous spirit.  It moves us forward. If Hemingway “lived, loved and wrote” in Cuba, so do we will “live, love and play” in our #padeldise in Marbella and its classy corner of Puerto Banús. A plus that adds up to our growing community. Welcome to our court La Habana de Hemingway