The #gamechangers playlist

We´ve done it.  Our dream training comes alive day by day.  What is a good sweaty training without the right booster?  Or maybe just something that kicks the spirits and gets us going.  We have chosen a few tunes from here and there for you to enjoy, but, what would make this list a Great one is your input to it.

#Gamechangers everywhere!:  tune in, add the sound of your choice and make the beats rise up while the heart sings.  Follow the embedded playlist below or this link to the Padel Trainer Playlist on Spotify.  Make us rock, make us roll, but most of all let us always remember the fun for which this wonderful game stands up for.

As we welcome summer with the #gamechangers Master Class this day june 17th, we do it with a treat for all those who can and cannot attend.  While we know some of you just can´t join in, we figured there was no reason for all of us not to be part of the celebration.  Maybe a little of our music will do?

No music no life.  No hearts beating, not so good padel.  We train yes, with body, mind and soul. Enjoy, #gamechangers everywhere, this is just the beginning. Padel Trainer´s padel fest begins here. Be part of it.